OUT 23rd of May 2019: Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried

Funeral Doom: The Cold View Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried Cover

The Cold View is the Drone Doom / Funeral Doom Metal project of A.A.S.. The Cold View plays slow Funeral Doom Metal with deep growls. Even though The Cold View has developed it's own style, every fan of Esoteric, Thergothon, Ahab, Shape of Despair, Evoken, Skepticism or Mournful Congregation should check it out.

The fourth album Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried with nearly 60 minutes running time got mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at legendary Priory Studios. The concept album is dealing with the existential questions; the circle of life and death, the isolation of beeing an individual, the suffering of beeing alive. Musically the album shows a new side of The Cold View regarding composition, pace, rhythm and dynamics. The artwork was created by Northem Art. Bass guitar and drums were recorded by J. Laass and C. Herrmann at Blockstudio, Berlin. All music and lyrics were created by A.A.S. (The Cold View).

The third concept album Wounds with more than 70 minutes running time got finished in the second half of the year 2016. With Wounds the final chapter of the album trilogy got completed. The new album deals with the emotional injury and healing of a human being. The first two albums took a personal and a neutral perspective. Now the cold view is directed outwards to the fellow human beings. Musically and compositionally the 6 songs of the third album are the most dynamic works of The Cold View.

The first two albums Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste and Weeping Winter were released as CD digipak and as digital download on Bandcamp. Other highlights in the history of The Cold View are the collaboration with the Funeral Doom legend Pantheist and the split-album Songs of Deepest Skies with the French project Abysmal Growls of Despair.

The Cold View is dedicated to Funeral Doom Metal with an underlying share of Drone buzz. Deepest growls, desperate keyboard passages and oppressive guitars form a sound that is urged to emphasize the hopelessness of the human existence which has been torn off from the world of nature.

Tracklist: Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried

01Born and Banished14:26
02Banished and Beaten14:00
03Beaten and Broken12:25
04Broken and Buried18:29

Get the new Funeral Doom album here:

Limited CD digipak and digital release including all artwork available at Bandcamp page of The Cold View.

CD Digipak of The Cold View - Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried


18. May 2019 - New album out next week!

The wait is over! The new Funeral Doom album "Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried" by The Cold View will see the dark of the night next week! The album will get released at the 23rd of May as limited digipak CD and digital release at https://thecoldview.bandcamp.com/album/born-banished-beaten-broken-buried

The album consists of 4 tracks with a total running time of nearly 60 minutes. The record was mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios. Artwork by Northem Art. Bass guitar and drums recorded by J. Laass and C. Herrmann at Blockstudio, Berlin.

11. Mar 2017 - Impressingly great review at Doom-Metal-com!

"It's cleverly done and well-executed, offering a very effective balance between challenge and reward throughout, and a distinct stride forward for the band. Highly recommended, even if Funeral Doom isn't generally your thing."

01. Feb 2017 - Third album out now!

The third album "Wounds" of The Cold View is out now. You can get it as digital release and limited CD digipak at Bandcamp and GS Productions store.

I would like to thank Vitaly of GS Productions, C.H. and J.L. of blockstudio Berlin and all supporters of The Cold View so far.

31. Jan 2017 - 4 out of 5 points at New Noise Magazine

"[...] listeners of funeral doom are getting exactly what they want from this slightly experimental funeral doom album."

17. Jan 2017 - 8 out of 10 points for the new album!


17. Jan 2017 - First review of the new album: 8,5/10

(...) Grenzen werden hier musikalisch düpiert, um die Gefühle und das Seelenleben des Hörers bei aller Gestörtheit zu malträtieren. (...): Zephyrs Odem.

19. Dec 2016 - Promo video for the 2nd song of the new album

Are you already curious about the new album? GSP Magazine has made a promo video for the second song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwN7PV7EyHI. You can already preorder the album at bandcamp.

14. Dec 2016 - New album out 01 Feb 2017

The third album "Wounds" will be out at the 1st of February 2017 as digital download and CD. The limited digipak will get released by GSProductions. You can already preorder the new album at Bandcamp. The new concept album has a running time of over 73 minutes and features 6 songs.

01. July 2016 - Pantheist / The Cold View collaboration now available

Kostas Panagiotou of Pantheist has released an EP called "Chapters". The Cold View played some drone guitars as guest musician on track 3. Check it out at Bandcamp: https://pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/album/chapters-ep

09. June 2016 - The Cold View is now featured on Earbits Free Online Radio

Now you can listen to The Cold View on Earbits Free Online Radio

06. Dec 2015 - 7,5 points review at doom-metal.com

It seems the split of The Cold View with Abysmal Growls of Despair is still relevant months after it's release. We got an 7,5 out of 10 points review by doom-metal.com. The review is an excellent read, comprehensive and contemplative:

"To sum up, 'Songs of Deepest Skies' marks an impressive collaborative effort between two equally passionate yet distinctive Funeral/Drone bands whom have laid out, with much care, a non-coercive landscape of subjective contemplation for the willing listener to roam the depths of his/her own mind and heart; a boundless path as vast as the mighty sky itself." 7,5/10 - doom-metal.com

If you still don't have the record, there are some copies of the beautyful A5 digipak left. You can order the digipak or the digital version at Bandcamp!

13. Aug 2015 - New review for Songs of Deepest Skies

The split of The Cold View and Abysmal Growls of Despair got reviewed by Chronicles of Chaos:

"On the whole, this split presents a stark study of unalloyed negative emotion. Some personalities will be drawn into this unflinching sonic character; others -- who may require more motion or varied development in their listening choices -- will be repelled. The important thing is that music like this exists, that it is created by dedicated individuals and can be accessed by the greater public." 6,5/10 - chroniclesofchaos.com

21. July 2015 - 9 out of 10 points for the split with Abysmal Growls of Despair

The Cold View and Abysmal Growls of Despair have received an excellent review and rating for Songs of Deepest Skies at undergrounded.de:

"With 'Songs of Deepest Skies' Hangsvart and A.A.S. do create a total work of art, in which almost everything fits. Artwork and music are connected to each other symbiotically, the songs have a clear line in the mood that they constitute and the two artists develop a dark, desperate atmosphere." [translated from: "Hangsvart und A.S.S. schaffen mit 'Songs Of Deepest Skies' ein Gesamtkunstwerk, bei dem fast alles passt. Artwork und Musik sind symbiotisch miteinander verbunden, die Songs haben eine klare Linie in der Stimmung, die sie erzeugen und die beiden Künstler erschaffen eine dunkle, verzweifelte Atmosphäre."] 9/10 - undergrounded.de

16. July 2015 - Another 8 out of 10 points for the new Funeral Doom split

Here comes a fine review for Songs of Deepest Skies by the German Metal Webzine Metalglory:

"This is the way how it must sound when the huge darkness devourers the earth to never spew it out again." [translated from "So muss das klingen wenn die die große Dunkelheit die Erde verschlingt um sie nie wieder auszuspeien."] 8/10 - metalglory.de

11. July 2015 - New interview with The Cold View

You can find a new interview at the music blog of Robex Lundgren: http://ghgumman.blogg.se/2015/july/interview-with-the-cold-view.html

The interview is dealing with the band history, inspiration, background of the music and my thoughts on illegal downloads and the music industry.

02. July 2015 - Another review for the new Funeral Doom split

There is another review for the split album of Abysmal Growls of Despair and The Cold View by the German Metal Webzine metaltalks.de:

"Massive Funeral Doom for insiders or the ones who want to become an insider. Respect!!!" [translated: "Fetter Funeral Doom für Eingeweihte oder die sich einweihen lassen wollen... Respekt!!!"] metaltalks.de

20. June 2015 - Limited digipak now available at The Cold View Bandcamp page!

I have received my copies of the new split "Songs of Deepest Skies" with Abysmal Growls of Despair. You can now get them at https://thecoldview.bandcamp.com/album/songs-of-deepest-skies-split. Please note that the label shop of Frozen Light is already out of stock - the very classy limited digipak is already sold out there!

13. June 2015 - First review for the new split "Songs of Deepest Skies"

The new split album "Songs of Deepest Skies" by Abysmal Growls of Despair and The Cold View got reviewed by DarkUndergroundMusicZine:

"In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and I would recommend it to all fans of funeral doom metal." 8/10 - DarkUndergroundMusicZine

05. June 2015 - New split release with Abysmal Growls of Despair out now!

The split album Songs Of Deepest Skies by my project The Cold View and the Funeral Doom band Abysmal Growls Of Despair from France is released today! Four dark, hopeless and impossibly beautiful songs of twilight and off-color clouds up in the skies. Nearly 60 minutes full of sorrow, despair, cold heaviness and severe strength.

For this release I created my longest song so far - over 32 minutes Funeral Doom and Drone including surprising twists and turns.

Available as beautiful A5 digipak limited to 99 hand-numbered copies and digital release at https://thecoldview.bandcamp.com/!

(Until I get my personal copies there is a pre-order for the physical release at my Bandcamp page.)

08. Feb. 2015 - Well written review at Der Schwarze Planet

Here comes another very well written review in German, posted at the fine blog Der Schwarze Planet. You can find a translation at the Facebook page of The Cold View.

"Auch das zweite Album von The Cold View klingt für mich wieder harmonisch düster. Es spiralisiert sich mit jedem Stück nach unten in den Abgrund der Seele, schleift Gedanken hinter sich her und ist dabei niemals dissonant. Einzelne Kältefelder lösen andere ab – mal läuft das Ohr leichter darüber, mal schwerer." Der Schwarze Planet

29. Jan. 2015 - New interview with Vendetta Metal Magazine

I had the honor to get an interview with Vendetta Metal Magazine from Finland. Polaris of Vendetta asked me about the lyrical concepts, the composition process and differences to other Doom bands:


15. Jan. 2015 - 10/10 points review at Vendetta Metal Magazine

Polaris of Vendetta Metal Magazine from Finland has written an interesting review focusing on the emotional impact of the second album and stylistics of each track.

"'Wires…' is not a funeral doom album anymore. A.A.S. has redefined that genre which I, henceforth, shall call Vantadoom." 10/10 - Vendetta Metal Magazine

13. Jan. 2015 - New review by metaltalks.de

There is a new review of "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" that gets some important things to the point, including that the record is best listened with headphones:

"Somehow I can not give definite rating points, given that only BLACK, DARKNESS, DECAY and unstoppable DISSOLUTION fits to this monolith. Definitely not for weak minded... [translation]" metaltalks.de

29. Dec. 2014 - Chronicles of Chaos review

Very honest and straight review of the second album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" by Dan Lake:

"There might not be any album in the history of recorded music that wants to be in your record collection less than _WWWW_ does. [...] _WWWW_ resists snap judgment, and it refuses to give you anything you want. Either give yourself up to what it is or give up and go away."
7/10 - Chronicles of Chaos

28. Dec. 2014 - Review by Destroy//Exist

A little review by Destroy//Exist blog

"If you live in a big city, score your next walk through it with Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste and take in the alienation. As much as something like this would be disturbing, it would feel liberating as well." Destroy//Exist

17. Dec. 2014 - Review for the re-release of Weeping Winter

Here comes a new 8 out of 10 points review for the re-release of the debut album "Weeping Winter" by Vendetta Metal Magazine from Finland. It is an interesting read. The author combines the description of his personal emotions while experiencing this Funeral Doom record with his objective evaluation of the music and compositions.

"I suppose that it’s not called 'funeral doom' without a reason and especially the energy-sucking effect could be considered a sign for a very solid and authentic album." 8/10 - Vendetta Metal Magazine

07. Nov. 2014 - Interview with Decibel Magazine

I got the opportunity for a second interview with one of the biggest Metal Magazines of the USA, the Decibel Magazine. I'm talking about the second album, the creation process and about the theme behind the album and The Cold View in general: Interview at Decibel Magazine

30. Oct. 2014 - Redesign of the website is live

I have made a big redesign of the official website. As you can see at the site, the logo has changed again. So you know, that something is coming... The website is now fully responsive on every device and every screen and has it's own section for every type of content.

18. Oct. 2014 - New Dutch review for the 2nd album

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste laat zich het best beluisteren als de soundtrack van een uitermate somber wereldbeeld." Wings of Death
("Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" is best to listen as the soundtrack to a very bleak world.")

12. Oct. 2014 - Review at the most important Doom Metal site

There is a nice review for the new The Cold View album at Doom-metal.com with a rating of 7/10:
"The Cold View's sophomore is about as slow, tortuous, deliberate and unrelenting an album as any out there."

27. Sep. 2014 - Limited digipak of the new album

The limited digipak of the new album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" is now available at the official bandcamp page. Also the re-release of the debut album "Weeping Winter" is available there, if some are interested. Don't forget you can get the CDs and records of other great bands at the label shops, too: Endless Winter and GS Productions. (You can switch to English by clicking the flag.)

26. Sep. 2014 - Working on a new song

The last days I was hiking through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Germany near the Czech border gathering spirit and power for the coming days where I will work on a new The Cold View song.

6. Sep. 2014 - Review of the new album by German Metal Webzine

Here is another nice review of the new album by the German Metal Webzine Zephyr's Odem:
"Ein sehr spezielles Werk erwartet mit 'Wires of woe, ways of waste' den interessierten Hörer. Eine Art klanglicher Tonverfall, bedrückend, atmosphärisch dicht, aber auch verstörend gut!"

5. Sep. 2014 - Kostas of Pantheist about the song with The Cold View!

As some might have noticed The Cold View had the opportunity to participate on the Drone song "Warping the Space-Time Continuum" by Kostas Panagiotou of Pantheist. Many thanks again for the honour! You can download the song for free at the Pantheist web site.

Kostas is saying about the collaboration: "A few words about the track 'Warping the Space-Time Continuum' that accompanies the third chapter of the concept story. It is a drone piece recorded with the help of A.A.S. from The Cold View, a funeral/drone project from Germany which just released its second album. The track features church organ, drone guitar, keyboards and samples of Russian basso profundo singing. as ever, we are grateful for the collaboration and thank A.A.S. for the time and (dark) energy he invested in this recording."

1. Sep. 2014 - The debut album of The Cold View got two years old

Today the release of the Drone / Funeral Doom debut album "Weeping Winter" got two years old. You can get the limited digipak CD re-release with exclusive bonus track at The Cold View Bandcamp and the GS Productions Shop

26. Aug. 2014 - New review by German Metal webzine

And here is another great review for the new The Cold View album by the German Metal webzine Undergrounded: "Ich weiß nicht, ob man "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" so einfach mit einer Punktezahl beurteilen kann und ich will mir dies auch nicht anmuten, zu tun. Denn die Art und Weise der Musik ist zu zweischneidig und kann nicht einfach in gut oder schlecht eingeteilt werden. Es ist in meinen Augen ein sehr gelungenes Gesamtkunstwerk, welches mich emotional voll gepackt und gebannt hat."

25. Aug. 2014 - Drone song with Pantheist released

I had the honour to contribute some guitar recordings to the new song by the great artist Kostas Panagiotou of Pantheist. The Drone song "Warping the Space-time Continuum" is the accompaniment for the third chapter of Kostas' story "Events", which builds the concept for the upcoming Pantheist album: http://www.pantheist.co.uk/news/index.html#45

You can find the project page here: http://www.pantheist.co.uk/events/index.html

If you haven't already checked out the first two chapters and their related songs, I strongly recommend you to do so, too. A huge thanks to Kostas for giving me the opportunity to work with him. It was a great pleasure!

24. Aug. 2014 - New well written review for "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste"

"Perhaps this is one for hardcore funeral doom fanatics, as the incessant emptiness can feel slightly frustrating and soul-destroying at times. That said, The Cold View certainly lives up to its band name with its second album, giving a harsh and at times mesmerising exploration of the frustrations of living our lives wrapped in wires." 7/10 - DoomMetalHeaven

18. Aug. 2014 - Personal copies of the "Weeping Winter" re-release received

The Cold View got the personal copies of the debut album re-release. If you want to get one of these limited CD digipaks including an exclusive bonus track you can get one at the official bandcamp page. If you would like to buy some other great music as well, you could also head over to the GSP shop http://gsp-music.com/gsp49.

13. Aug. 2014 - The Cold View featured at the Withered Hands Podcast

The Withered Hands podcast about the European Funeral Doom underground is out. Including an intensive interview with Skepticism and music of some Doom bands. Also The Cold View has an appearance with a song of the new album.


Doom Metal podcast with The Cold View

7. Aug. 2014 - New review is out at German Metal webzine

A new review is out at the German webzine Metalglory.de. 8,5 out of 10 points!

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste setzt den Weg des Debüts Weeping Winter fort und verfeinert diesen sogar noch. Was in diesem Bereich gar nicht so einfach ist, ist The Cold View auf dem neuen Album gelungen. Nämlich einen gewissen Grad an Abwechslung in die Musik zu transportieren ohne dabei das Gesamtbild des Albums aus dem Gefüge zu heben."

29 Jul. 2014 - The re-release of the first album "Weeping Winter" is out

The re-release by the Russian Label GS Productions comes as CD with 6-panel digipak, adapted artwork and a new song as bonus track. Even though the new song was written and recorded in 2014 it seamlessly fits into the concept of the album. The bonus song "Severe Winter" (12:26) thematically is the retrospective of the five original songs. The digipak is limited to 100 items and you can get it at the GS Productions Shop. The shop is available in English and Russian.

29 Jul. 2014 - First review for the new The Cold View album

The first review for "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" online, 8 points out of 10!

"In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from The Cold View and if you are a fan of drone and funeral doom metal, you should check out this album." DarkUndergroundMusicZine

27 Jul. 2014 - "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" on YouTube

If you prefer to watch some artwork by listening to the new album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" you could go to the updated YouTube page of The Cold View.

26 Jul. 2014 - Second album out at Bandcamp

The second album is now out on Bandcamp, too! You can stream and buy "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" here: http://thecoldview.bandcamp.com/. Also the limited digipak CD will be available there soon. You can also get the digipak at the Endless Winter shop.

20 Jul. 2014 - Second album released by Endless Winter

I am very proud to inform you that my second album is out on Endless Winter today: http://endless-winter.org/endless-winter-news-eng.html!

12 Jul. 2014 - Artwork for the new album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste"

Some might have noticed the artwork for the new album. The pictures were taken at Darmstadt (the place where I exist), Erfurt (my home city), Berlin (where I prepared the recording and where mixing and mastering took place), Étretant (France, last year's vacation) and Knokke Heist (near Brugge, Belgium, vacation two years ago). All pictures were taken in the mood that led to the new album. You can see it at the artwork section of the website.

03 Jul. 2014 - Re-release of the debut by GS Productions

I am happy to announce that my first album "Weeping Winter" will get re-released by GS Productions on CD this August. The album will come as 6-panel digipak with adapted artwork and with an exclusive bonus track.

Although the new song "Severe Season" (12:26 minutes) was written and recorded in 2014 it seamlessly fits into the concept of the album. The bonus song thematically is the retrospective of the five original songs of "Weeping Winter".

For GS Productions look here:

Also don't forget that the new album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" will get released by Endless Winter soon, too!

6 May 2014 - Second album will get released by Endless Winter

Great news today! The Russian Doom Metal label Endless Winter will release my 2nd Album this summer as limited digipak of 200 items with 8-page booklet - http://endless-winter.org/endless-winter-news-eng.html:

We sign the German one-man band The Cold View for the release of the second full-length album. The new album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" will get published this summer as a limited edition of 200 copies in digipak, supplied with a 8-page booklet. The Cold View is dedicated to Funeral Doom Metal with an underlying share of Drone buzz. Deepest growls, desperate keyboard passages and oppressive guitars form a sound that is urged to emphasize the hopelessness of the human existence which has been torn off from the world of nature. The new concept album represents the extensive epic painting narrating about the loss of identity in the modern world, about the alienation which is born out of a technocratic material civilization. The previous work of The Cold View was published as an digital release and met the positive responses of listeners and specialized webzines.

29 Apr. 2014 - Audio mastering for the new album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" finished

I am very happy with the master of the new album. JL of Blockstudio in Berlin did a very good job!.

11 Apr. 2014 - Mixing in progress

I had an intense listening to the intermediate result of the mix for the new album. It is sounding really great! Great work by Blockstudio from Berlin! Just a tiny bit of tweaking needed for the first two songs.

23 Feb. 2014 - Third track finished and album title revealed

The third track is finished. The second The Cold View album will be named "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" and will feature the songs of the same kind: Wires, Woe, Ways, Waste. The album will get a total running time of over one hour. The fourth song is in the making!

29 Jan. 2014 - "Weeping Winter" hit the 2.500 downloads mark

In January the first album cracked the 2.500 downloads mark and was downloaded from 48 different countries.

25 Jan. 2014 - First song for the new album finished

If anyone wonders about the work progress of the second album: I am happy with the first song and working for some days now on the second one. The first results are very satisfying!