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The Cold View is the Drone Doom / Funeral Doom Metal project of A.A.S.. The new album Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste is published as a limited edition of 200 copies in digipack, supplied with a 8-page booklet, and as a digital release on Bandcamp.

Here you can find music, reviews and more of the first record Weeping Winter. This first album is re-released as CD 6-panel digipack with the new bonus track "Severe Season" (12:28) by GS Productions (shop available in English and Russian).

The Cold View is dedicated to Funeral Doom Metal with an underlying share of Drone buzz. Deepest growls, desperate keyboard passages and oppressive guitars form a sound that is urged to emphasize the hopelessness of the human existence which has been torn off from the world of nature. The new concept album represents an extensive epic painting, narrating about the loss of identity in the modern world, about the alienation which is born out of a technocratic material civilization.

Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste - Tracklist


Get the new Funeral Doom album here:

Limited CD with 4-page digipack and 8-page booklet at Bandcamp page of The Cold View and Endless Winter Shop.

Digital release including all artwork at Bandcamp page of The Cold View.

CD Digipack of The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste

Voices of the Web - Reviews about Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste

"In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from The Cold View and if you are a fan of drone and funeral doom metal, you should check out this album." 8/10 - Dark Underground Music Zine

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste setzt den Weg des Debüts Weeping Winter fort und verfeinert diesen sogar noch. Was in diesem Bereich gar nicht so einfach ist, ist The Cold View auf dem neuen Album gelungen. Nämlich einen gewissen Grad an Abwechslung in die Musik zu transportieren ohne dabei das Gesamtbild des Albums aus dem Gefüge zu heben." 8,5/10 - Metalglory

"'Wires Of Woe...' isn't going to appeal to everyone: it's about as slow, tortuous, deliberate and unrelenting an album as any out there. But if you have a sneaking suspicion that Until Death Overtakes Me could be a little too upbeat and melodic in places, you should feel right at home here, where - as A.A.S. puts it - 'In this cold gray light, all is in woe'." 7/10 -

"Perhaps this is one for hardcore funeral doom fanatics, as the incessant emptiness can feel slightly frustrating and soul-destroying at times. That said, The Cold View certainly lives up to its band name with its second album, giving a harsh and at times mesmerising exploration of the frustrations of living our lives wrapped in wires." 7/10 - DoomMetalHeaven

"Ich weiß nicht, ob man "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" so einfach mit einer Punktezahl beurteilen kann und ich will mir dies auch nicht anmuten, zu tun. Denn die Art und Weise der Musik ist zu zweischneidig und kann nicht einfach in gut oder schlecht eingeteilt werden. Es ist in meinen Augen ein sehr gelungenes Gesamtkunstwerk, welches mich emotional voll gepackt und gebannt hat." Undergrounded

"Ein sehr spezielles Werk erwartet mit „Wires of woe, ways of waste“ den interessierten Hörer. Eine Art klanglicher Tonverfall, bedrückend, atmosphärisch dicht, aber auch verstörend gut!" 7/10 - Zephyr's Odem

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste laat zich het best beluisteren als de soundtrack van een uitermate somber wereldbeeld." Wings of Death

The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste - Artwork

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The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste - Artwork

The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste - Video Album Stream

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Biography of the Drone / Funeral Doom project The Cold View

The Cold View is a Drone / Funeral Doom project from Germany. The sole protagonist A.A.S. started creating The Cold View at the end of the year 2011. The name of the Doom project derives from a philosophical concept of Nietzsche that describes a sober view onto the things in the world.

A.A.S. of The Cold View

A.A.S. started working on the first song in November 2011. There was the concept of creating a winter album by writing and recording one song per month. The songs are not only dealing with personal experiences or emotions but also with experiences of nature. Nature was taken as imagery of nostalgia, longing and melancholy, but also as reflection of the darkness in life.

The debut record "Weeping Winter" got finished with mixing and mastering end of spring 2012. The album got out as a free download digital release. The Cold View got very positive feedback from the Funeral Doom and Drone listeners, some good reviews and in the end over 3000 downloads in 48 countries of the world in less than one and a half year.

In January 2014 The Cold View started working again on the new concept album "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste". After the first album beeing from a very personal perspective The Cold View now wanted to take a more neutral view onto the world that influences human existence. No ego perspective in the lyrics, just a cold view unto the things.

Speaking of the songs the compositions and sounds got more complex for the new one, but also more experimental. The second album is dealing with the coldness of our materialistic, technocratic, egoistic society that makes the world to a place that is the mirror of mankind that has lost its sense, soul, purpose and individuality. The album is not really socially or politically critical. It has no social / political agenda or ideology. It is the denounce by A.A.S. that we have lost our spirit.

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" was finished in April 2014 and was mixed and mastered at Blockstudio in Berlin (, like the first album. The album is released by Endless Winter as CD digipack, limited to 200 items.

GS Productions re-released "Weeping Winter" as a limited CD digipack (100 items) including a bonus track. The Cold View recorded the bonus song "Severe Season" in May 2014. The song is like a retrospective of the songs of the first album. For the music Drone and Doom elements and stylistics of both albums got used.

Lyrics of Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste


These wires of woe
are never ending.
With no origin,
they descend from nowhere,
leading into the void.

Pulsating landscapes
of shattered visions
oscillate into reflections
of a broken forlorn self.

Vibrating flickering
electrical impulses
illuminate the visions
of the fathomless vastness,
where nothingness
is the essence of it all.

These wires are the aching scars
that are deeply carved into the space
between what is left behind and
what is never never meant to come.

Not moving, not standing still,
everything fades without a stop,
constantly changing into forms
that do not vary in shape.

These wires are routing the pain
into the abyss that carries all away.
They fill the emptiness with all
that does not even exist.


In this cold gray light all is shadow.
In this shattered radiation all is
blurred illumination, omnipresent aching glare.

This gray light is a state of frailty.
All has lost it's color, a sketch of
an awfully funny caricature of life itself.

Existence is fading when separation
is the beginning and the end.
Moments rush by and the images of them
are illusions within the infirmity of time.
Everything visible is a deception
of the subjectivity of perception.

Repression seems to be the only way
for persistence in this light of gray.

In this cold gray light,
In this cold gray light
all is in woe.


Blocked by heavy black buildings,
thrash and dirt allow no passing,
wet by the rain and mist.
Nothing that could reflect a light.

There even is no light anymore,
so the ruins can't cast shadows.

Day and night are melting to a viscous mass,
time has no room where life is finally erased.


Wasted ways are leading backwards,
The perspective has changed,
changed from sorrow to desperation.

Antagonism arises with the conflict
of conception and perception never in balance.

This is the dead end of permanent dilemma.

Wasted ways are leading backwards,
where nothing can be found.
The perspective has changed,
changed from sorrow to desperation.

Pathways through the waste of human life have no intent.
They are a maze of inevitable failure and dishonest regret.

There is no sunset in a nightmare of never-ending night.
The light of knowledge is hidden behind the ignorance.

Wasted ways are leading backwards,
where nothing can be found.
The perspective has changed,
changed from sorrow to desperation.