Drone Doom: The Cold View Weeping Winter Cover

The Cold View is the Drone Doom / Funeral Doom Metal project of A.A.S. (Bestial). As the first output, the concept album Weeping Winter has seen the pale daylight.

Each month from November 2011 to March 2012 a song came into being. Every one of them is the most emotional expression of personal experiences and experiences of nature during the time of creation.

Weeping Winter was mixed and mastered at blockstudio Berlin. The record was released at the 1st of September in 2012 as a free digital release.

Tracklist of Weeping Winter

01Empty November07:01
02Dark December07:01
03Grey January07:41
04Freezing February06:44
05Mournful March12:21
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Voices of the Web - Reviews about Weeping Winter

Weeping Winter hit the 1500 downloads mark in just three months. This is what some blogs and webzines say about this Drone Doom record.

"[...] Weeping Winter should bleed all warmth and willpower from your spirit and leave you a cracked and wailing husk." 7/10 - Chronicles of Chaos

"Weeping Winter is the sound of sinking slowly, without hope or even desire of salvation. Stark piano melodies hide behind buzzing drones while the saddest, most hateful 80-ton turtle growls its darkness over everything." Decibel Magazine

"The Cold View is very personal music, dark with sinister, mysterious atmosphere. If you are not foreign to crews such as Sunn O))) and all kinds of Funeral Doom bands, you should reach for this release." 7/10 - Metal Centre

"A brilliant and very atmospheric Doom/Drone Metal project. [...] If you're feeling brave enough this is an excellent album to check out." "highly recommended" - Sludgelord

"In my opinion The Cold View is a very great sounding mixture of Drone and Funeral Doom Metal and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this band." "recommended buy" - Dark Underground Music Zine

"If you want to deepen your depression in this sometimes so sick and depressive world, this is all you need to fall down completely." Droning Earth

"Weeping Winter ist ein gelungenes Drone Doom Album geworden und sollte dem Protagonisten Anreiz sein, dort anzusetzen und mehr von dieser Sorte Doom auf die Fangemeinde loszulassen. Aber Vorsicht Leute, hier ist ZUHÖREN und nicht HINHÖREN angesagt, dies ist was für Puristen und offene Geister und nichts für Allerwelts-Metaller." 8/10 - Metalglory

"Aus den melancholischen, tiefdüsteren Melodien kriechen Schmerz, Enttäuschung, Hoffnung, Sehnsucht und Quälerei hervor. Weeping Winter erweitert den Hörhorizont – und zwar ganz nah an der kalten Erdkruste. Diesen Herbst. Diesen Winter. Hören." Der schwarze Planet

"Difficile à appréhender, difficile à décrire, "Weeping Winter" reste une expérience intéressante, mais qui ne conviendra qu'à peu de personnes." 6.2/10 - Metalship

Voices of Doom - Interviews with The Cold View

Decibel Magazine, English / Doom-Metal.com, English / Dark Underground Music Zine, English / Metalseek, German

The Cold View - Weeping Winter - Video Album Stream