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Born Banished Beaten Broken Buried

"It's another dark masterpiece from The Cold View." 8/10 -

"Thoughtful and harmonious, pitch-black and subliminally aggressive the compositions creep along." [Translated from German: "Bedächtig und harmonisch, pechschwarz und unterschwellig aggressiv schleichen die Kompositionen dahin."] 8/10 -

"The Cold View creates an atmosphere that is incredibly dense. The album is very solid and has an immense depth that brings Funeral Doom fans to tears." [Translated from German: "Unglaublich dicht ist die Atmosphäre, die The Cold View verbreiten. Die Platte hat Hand und Fuß und eine immense Tiefe, die Freunden des grabstättlichen Dooms Freudentränen in die Augen treibt."] 7/10 -

"In my opinion this is another great sounding album from The Cold View and if you are a fan of funeral doom metal with elements of ambient and drone, you should check out t his recording." 8/10 - DarkUndergroundMusicZine

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"It's cleverly done and well-executed, offering a very effective balance between challenge and reward throughout, and a distinct stride forward for the band. Highly recommended, even if Funeral Doom isn't generally your thing." 8,5/10 -

"[...] listeners of funeral doom are getting exactly what they want from this slightly experimental funeral doom album." 4/5 - New Noise Magazine

"Musical boundaries get dubbed in order to maltreat the feelings and inner life of the listener. But this musical decay which also comes with harmonious passages precisely makes a multifaceted and expressive album." [translated from German: "Grenzen werden hier musikalisch düpiert um die Gefühle und das Seelenleben des Hörers bei aller Gestörtheit zu malträtieren. Aber genau dieser musikalische Verfall, der auch mit angenehm harmonischen Passagen aufwarten kann, macht ein facettenreiches und ausdrucksstarkes Album aus."] 8,5/10 - Zephyr's Odem

"The Cold View creates another recording that remains true to the funeral doom metal and drone mixture of previous releases, the production sounds very dark and heavy [...]" 8/10 - DarkUndergroundMusicZine

"Funeral Doom mit elektronischen und schwarzmetallischen Spitzen, selbstverständlich Nischenmusik und in dieser Hinsicht über die meisten Zweifel erhaben." 10/15 -

Reviews about Songs of Deepest Skies
split with Abysmal Growls of Despair

"With 'Songs of Deepest Skies' Hangsvart and A.A.S. do create a total work of art, in which almost everything fits. Artwork and music are connected to each other symbiotically, the songs have a clear line in the mood that they constitute and the two artists develop a dark, desperate atmosphere." [translated from German: "Hangsvart und A.S.S. schaffen mit 'Songs Of Deepest Skies' ein Gesamtkunstwerk, bei dem fast alles passt. Artwork und Musik sind symbiotisch miteinander verbunden, die Songs haben eine klare Linie in der Stimmung, die sie erzeugen und die beiden Künstler erschaffen eine dunkle, verzweifelte Atmosphäre."] 9/10 -

"This is the way how it must sound when the huge darkness devourers the earth to never spew it out again." [translated from German: "So muss das klingen wenn die die große Dunkelheit die Erde verschlingt um sie nie wieder auszuspeien."] 8/10 -

"In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and I would recommend it to all fans of funeral doom metal." 8/10 - DarkUndergroundMusicZine

"To sum up, 'Songs of Deepest Skies' marks an impressive collaborative effort between two equally passionate yet distinctive Funeral/Drone bands whom have laid out, with much care, a non-coercive landscape of subjective contemplation for the willing listener to roam the depths of his/her own mind and heart; a boundless path as vast as the mighty sky itself." 7,5/10 -

"Massive Funeral Doom for insiders or the ones who want to become an insider. Respect!!!" [translated from German: "Fetter Funeral Doom für Eingeweihte oder die sich einweihen lassen wollen... Respekt!!!"]

"On the whole, this split presents a stark study of unalloyed negative emotion. Some personalities will be drawn into this unflinching sonic character; others -- who may require more motion or varied development in their listening choices -- will be repelled. The important thing is that music like this exists, that it is created by dedicated individuals and can be accessed by the greater public." 6,5/10 -

"Im Vergleich zu THE COLD VIEWs Alleingängen stellt sich diese Split als marginal "farbenfroher" heraus. der vorherrschende Ton bleibt gleichwohl grau, grau, grau..." 12/15 -

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Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste

"'Wires…' is not a funeral doom album anymore. A.A.S. has redefined that genre which I, henceforth, shall call Vantadoom." 10/10 - Vendetta Metal Magazine

"Auch das zweite Album von The Cold View klingt für mich wieder harmonisch düster. Es spiralisiert sich mit jedem Stück nach unten in den Abgrund der Seele, schleift Gedanken hinter sich her und ist dabei niemals dissonant. Einzelne Kältefelder lösen andere ab – mal läuft das Ohr leichter darüber, mal schwerer." Der Schwarze Planet

"There might not be any album in the history of recorded music that wants to be in your record collection less than _WWWW_ does. [...] _WWWW_ resists snap judgment, and it refuses to give you anything you want. Either give yourself up to what it is or give up and go away." 7/10 - Chronicles of Chaos

"In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from The Cold View and if you are a fan of drone and funeral doom metal, you should check out this album." 8/10 - Dark Underground Music Zine

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste setzt den Weg des Debüts Weeping Winter fort und verfeinert diesen sogar noch. Was in diesem Bereich gar nicht so einfach ist, ist The Cold View auf dem neuen Album gelungen. Nämlich einen gewissen Grad an Abwechslung in die Musik zu transportieren ohne dabei das Gesamtbild des Albums aus dem Gefüge zu heben." 8,5/10 - Metalglory

"'Wires Of Woe...' isn't going to appeal to everyone: it's about as slow, tortuous, deliberate and unrelenting an album as any out there. But if you have a sneaking suspicion that Until Death Overtakes Me could be a little too upbeat and melodic in places, you should feel right at home here, where - as A.A.S. puts it - 'In this cold gray light, all is in woe'." 7/10 -

"Perhaps this is one for hardcore funeral doom fanatics, as the incessant emptiness can feel slightly frustrating and soul-destroying at times. That said, The Cold View certainly lives up to its band name with its second album, giving a harsh and at times mesmerising exploration of the frustrations of living our lives wrapped in wires." 7/10 - DoomMetalHeaven

"Ich weiß nicht, ob man "Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste" so einfach mit einer Punktezahl beurteilen kann und ich will mir dies auch nicht anmuten, zu tun. Denn die Art und Weise der Musik ist zu zweischneidig und kann nicht einfach in gut oder schlecht eingeteilt werden. Es ist in meinen Augen ein sehr gelungenes Gesamtkunstwerk, welches mich emotional voll gepackt und gebannt hat." Undergrounded

"Ein sehr spezielles Werk erwartet mit 'Wires of woe, ways of waste' den interessierten Hörer. Eine Art klanglicher Tonverfall, bedrückend, atmosphärisch dicht, aber auch verstörend gut!" 7/10 - Zephyr's Odem

"Somehow I can not give definite rating points, given that only BLACK, DARKNESS, DECAY and unstoppable DISSOLUTION fits to this monolith. Definitely not for weak minded... [translation]"

"If you live in a big city, score your next walk through it with Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste and take in the alienation. As much as something like this would be disturbing, it would feel liberating as well." Destroy//Exist

"Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste laat zich het best beluisteren als de soundtrack van een uitermate somber wereldbeeld." Wings of Death

"...ein durch und durch lauteres Werk aus der Feder eines Menschen, der seine Empfindsamkeit über Musik ausdrückt, so wie es stilübergreifend nur die Wenigsten tun. Dafür sei der Hut vor ihm gezogen." 8/15 -

Reviews about
Weeping Winter

Weeping Winter hit the 1500 downloads mark in just three months. This is what some blogs and webzines say about this Drone Doom record.

"I suppose that it’s not called 'funeral doom' without a reason and especially the energy-sucking effect could be considered a sign for a very solid and authentic album." 8/10 - Vendetta Metal Magazine

"[...] Weeping Winter should bleed all warmth and willpower from your spirit and leave you a cracked and wailing husk." 7/10 - Chronicles of Chaos

"Weeping Winter is the sound of sinking slowly, without hope or even desire of salvation. Stark piano melodies hide behind buzzing drones while the saddest, most hateful 80-ton turtle growls its darkness over everything." Decibel Magazine

"The Cold View is very personal music, dark with sinister, mysterious atmosphere. If you are not foreign to crews such as Sunn O))) and all kinds of Funeral Doom bands, you should reach for this release." 7/10 - Metal Centre

"A brilliant and very atmospheric Doom/Drone Metal project. [...] If you're feeling brave enough this is an excellent album to check out." "highly recommended" - Sludgelord

"In my opinion The Cold View is a very great sounding mixture of Drone and Funeral Doom Metal and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this band." "recommended buy" - Dark Underground Music Zine

"If you want to deepen your depression in this sometimes so sick and depressive world, this is all you need to fall down completely." Droning Earth

"Weeping Winter ist ein gelungenes Drone Doom Album geworden und sollte dem Protagonisten Anreiz sein, dort anzusetzen und mehr von dieser Sorte Doom auf die Fangemeinde loszulassen. Aber Vorsicht Leute, hier ist ZUHÖREN und nicht HINHÖREN angesagt, dies ist was für Puristen und offene Geister und nichts für Allerwelts-Metaller." 8/10 - Metalglory

"Aus den melancholischen, tiefdüsteren Melodien kriechen Schmerz, Enttäuschung, Hoffnung, Sehnsucht und Quälerei hervor. Weeping Winter erweitert den Hörhorizont – und zwar ganz nah an der kalten Erdkruste. Diesen Herbst. Diesen Winter. Hören." Der schwarze Planet

The Cold View - Funeral Doom - Logo2

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Dark Underground Music Zine, English (06. Sept. 2012): Topics of the interview are the project's roots, the sound, lyrical subjects, the meaning of the band name, inspiration and future plans.