3rd Album: WOUNDS

8,5/10 - Doom-metal.com: "It's cleverly done and well-executed, offering a very effective balance between challenge and reward throughout, and a distinct stride forward for the band. Highly recommended, even if Funeral Doom isn't generally your thing."

Funeral Doom: The Cold View Wounds Cover

The third concept album Wounds with more than 70 minutes running time got finished in the second half of the year 2016. With Wounds the final chapter of the album trilogy got completed. The new album deals with the emotional injury and healing of a human being. The first two albums took a personal and a neutral perspective. Now the cold view is directed outwards to the fellow human beings. Musically and compositionally the 6 songs of the third album are the most dynamic works of The Cold View.

Get the new Funeral Doom album here:

Limited CD digipak and digital release including all artwork available at Bandcamp page of The Cold View.

Tracklist: Wounds

01Wounds I - Hemostasis12:16
02Wounds II - Inflammation13:35
03Wounds III - Proliferation11:22
04Wounds IV - Epithelialization10:30
05Wounds V - Scarring11:18
06Wounds VI - Maturation14:40

CD Digipak of The Cold View - Wounds

Split Album: Songs of Deepest Skies

9/10 - undergrounded.de: "With 'Songs of Deepest Skies' Hangsvart and A.A.S. do create a total work of art, in which almost everything fits."

Funeral Doom: The Cold View Songs of Deepest Skies Cover

The new split album Songs of Deepest Skies by The Cold View and the French Funeral Doom band Abysmal Growls of Despair is released by Frozen Light as a limited edition of 99 copies as A5 CD digipak and as a digital release on Bandcamp.

The split album has a running time of nearly 60 minutes and features 3 songs by Abysmal Growls of Despair and the extensively long song Sky of Sorrow by The Cold View. With over 32 minutes running time it is the longest song by The Cold View to date.

The song Sky of Sorrow tells about the heart aching beauty of the skies and their way to be like an image of lifetime.

Get the split album here:

Limited A5 CD digipak at Bandcamp page of The Cold View and Frozen Light Shop.

Digital release including all artwork at Bandcamp page of The Cold View.

Songs of Deepest Skies (Split)

01Abysmal Growls of Despair - Purple Skies09:30
02Abysmal Growls of Despair - Decay of a Man07:25
03Abysmal Growls of Despair - See the Night09:14
04The Cold View - Sky of Sorrow32:40

CD Digipak of The Cold View - Songs of Deepest Skies

Collaboration of The Cold View for Pantheist

Pantheist - The Cold View - Events

While legendary Doom Metal band Pantheist is working on their new record, band leader Kostas Panagiotou is writing the concept story for the album. Each chapter of the story called "Events" is accompanied by a song. The Cold View was asked by Kostas to contribute some Drone guitars for the third chapter song Warping the Space-time Continuum.

Kostas is saying about the collaboration: "A few words about the track 'Warping the Space-Time Continuum' that accompanies the third chapter of the concept story. It is a drone piece recorded with the help of A.A.S. from The Cold View, a funeral/drone project from Germany which just released its second album. The track features church organ, drone guitar, keyboards and samples of Russian basso profundo singing. as ever, we are grateful for the collaboration and thank A.A.S. for the time and (dark) energy he invested in this recording."

The third chapter When Fire is Father is illustrated by a drawing of Pantheist's long-term visual collaborator Cheryl Panagiotou.

Get the Drone song with Pantheist

The 14 minutes Drone song Warping the Space-time Continuum can get downloaded at the Chapters Bandcamp page.

2nd Album: Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste

10/10 - Vendetta Metal Magazine: "'Wires…' is not a funeral doom album anymore. A.A.S. has redefined that genre which I, henceforth, shall call Vantadoom."

Funeral Doom: The Cold View Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste Cover

The Drone / Funeral Doom album Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste by The Cold View is available as limited CD digipak with 8-page booklet at Bandcamp and the label shop of Endless Winter. The digital release is exclusively available at Bandcamp.

The concept album is dealing with the dead end that the modern world is facing. The human existence is loosing identity, mind and soul in exchange with materialism, technology and social alienation.

The album contains the four songs Wires, Woe, Ways and Waste. Each song has a running time of over 15 minutes, so the album features over 60 minutes of slow, crushing and drony Funeral Doom.

The Cold View got very good reactions for the second album from both Doom fans and Metal media. For reading of some of their thoughts just head over to the review section.

Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste


Get the 2nd Funeral Doom album here:

Limited CD with 4-page digipak and 8-page booklet at Bandcamp page of The Cold View and Endless Winter Shop.

Digital release including all artwork at Bandcamp page of The Cold View.

CD Digipak of The Cold View - Wires of Woe, Ways of Waste

1st Album: Weeping Winter

"highly recommended" - Sludgelord: "A brilliant and very atmospheric Doom/Drone Metal project. If you're feeling brave enough this is an excellent album to check out."

Drone Doom: The Cold View Weeping Winter Cover

The Cold View is the Drone Doom / Funeral Doom Metal project of A.A.S. (Bestial). As the first output, the concept album Weeping Winter has seen the pale daylight.

Each month from November 2011 to March 2012 a song came into being. Every one of them is the most emotional expression of personal experiences and experiences of nature during the time of creation.

Weeping Winter was mixed and mastered at blockstudio Berlin. The record was released at the 1st of September in 2012 as a digital release.

CD re-release with bonus track

The first album Weeping Winter got re-released by the Russian Label GS Productions (website, Bandcamp) in August 2014 as CD with 6-panel digipak, adapted artwork and a new song as bonus track. Even though the new song was written and recorded in 2014 it seamlessly fits into the concept of the album. The bonus song Severe Winter (12:26) thematically is the retrospective of the five original songs. The digipak is limited to 100 items and you can get it at the GS Productions Shop. The shop is available in English and Russian.

Tracklist of Weeping Winter

01Empty November07:01
02Dark December07:01
03Grey January07:41
04Freezing February06:44
05Mournful March12:21

Get the 1st album here:

Limited CD with 6-page digipak and exclusive bonus track at GS Productions Shop or the official Bandcamp page.

Re-release of Weeping winter